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eating taquitos in bed like a lazy boss

Posted on 28 Dec 12 by in family fringes | 6 comments


We all visited Louise Ducote this past weekend at her beautiful log cabin in the woods in Austin, Texas. Louise had even invited our two dogs, and her hospitality rivaled any bed and breakfast you can imagine, no exaggeration. My kids ate home-cooked meals at an actual dining table and played outside more than we can in our Houston suburb. All dogs do indeed go to heaven. At least ours did.

I sat on Louise’s sofa for two days, watching her pull the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the refrigerator, a quick call to Domino’s no where to be had. (Full disclosure: I never got to watch her pull breakfast from the fridge; I was usually still asleep.) I don’t know how much my feelings for her were affected by how well she took care of my family and me, but she is so pretty and sexy while deciding what kind of fresh greens go best with cold pasta.

I’m guessing her boys aren’t perfect, but they were perfectly delightful company as was Louise’s husband Bruce. Once everyone got past the weirdness of my friendship with Louise being developed over the Internet and two iPhones (my husband Q, unable to make the trip, thought the Ducotes were luring us to the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre), it all felt, at least to us, like a weekend custom made for old friends. I am envious of the next bunch of misfits who will be invited to spend winter break with them.

The kids and I are home now, grateful for the safe travel round trip. I am typing this blog post on my Christmas present from Q: a Dell XPS 10 tablet. There are not many apps written for it, so I’m still tweeting from my gift from the kids (or, rather, Q shopping for the kids): an iPad mini, which also serves as my iPod because the XPS, powered by Windows RT, thinks people want to use something dumb called Xbox Music. We don’t. But, but, but, guys: I am typing a blog post on a tablet in my lap while nibbling on taquitos. I love my husband.

The community relations manager position I’ve been holding my breath to get? I start working my community relations manager magic on January 7. With my editors’ help, I can still handle yeah write, I can still pick up Ehren from preschool. The only thing I can no longer take care of is running stupid stuff up to the middle school Jon Alex may have left behind: lunch money, daily planner, shoes. I’ll also miss having lunch with him in the cafeteria, but grown folk have jobs.

Best week ever in comments….




  1. I think you might need to remove the word lazy from the title of this post…

    • Aw. I don’t mean lazy like lazy slob. Just lazing around eating taquitos and blogging in bed. Like a slob with cool tech gadgets.

  2. What a super cool thing! And what super cool gadgets you have!

  3. Erica, it was great to have y’all here! Thanks for making the effort. Even my friends from Austin don’t want to come all the way out to our house. . .jeez. Sorry I messed up your mojo with the Texans, but I assume you’ll be back on track this weekend :)

  4. Yay for a fun time! I’ve been mostly offline this week but back now. I’ve been waiting to read about your fun adventure! The planets are aligning!

  5. So wonderful that you and Louise got to hang out together! And congrats on the new job – I was wondering how it went but wasn’t online much and didn’t want to ask in case it wasn’t good news. But since it is – yay!! Enjoy it and good luck!

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