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a listy mush

Posted on 18 Dec 12 by in free fringes | 2 comments


My brain is mush, and whenever my brain is mush, you get a list. A mushy list, a listy mush.

  1. By the time most of you are reading this, I’ll either be in the middle of my job interview
  2. or I’ll be driving home kicking myself for something stupid I said.
  3. I’ve picked a mild cold from one of the kids
  4. so I’m not as mentally prepared for this interview as I’d like to be.
  5. Jordan is accusing Jon Alex for spreading this household virus
  6. but Jordan forgets she is known around these parts as Typhoid Mary.
  7. She is always asymptomatic
  8. yet when she is exposed to whatever’s going around
  9. we always catch it.
  10. From her.
  11. But since she’s a carrier and not, say, Patient Zero
  12. she never considers herself to be the source.
  13. We had our family Christmahanukwanzaakah over the weekend!
  14. Q flew down from DC for a few days
  15. and he wanted to watch the kids open their gifts from Santa
  16. so he surprised them with a pile of loot on Saturday
  17. then flew out on Monday.
  18. We spent the weekend in our favorite weekend getaway hotel
  19. and I spent most of it reading various accounts of the Sandy Hook sadness
  20. which has triggered my anxiety disorder
  21. about disasters that happen outside the realm of our control.
  22. Ehren’s school sent out an email
  23. promising to bolster security
  24. but I’m not sure how any of it will prevent
  25. a gunman from entering the school
  26. through a hole
  27. shot into the glass door
  28. big enough
  29. for him to step right inside.
  30. While I am thinking about it
  31. even though I have not stopped thinking about it
  32. let me do this:
  33. Noah
  34. Charlotte
  35. Jack
  36. Olivia
  37. Dylan
  38. Catherine
  39. Avielle
  40. Jessica
  41. James
  42. Josephine
  43. Caroline
  44. Benjamin
  45. Daniel
  46. Grace
  47. Madeleine
  48. Allison
  49. Emilie
  50. Ana
  51. Chase
  52. Jesse
  53. Mary
  54. Rachel
  55. Lauren
  56. Victoria
  57. Anne-Marie
  58. Dawn
  59. Next week
  60. we’ll be hitting the road
  61. to spend a few December days
  62. with the awesome Louise Ducote
  63. and Louise’s family.
  64. I can’t wait to see and meet
  65. everything and everyone
  66. she’s been writing about
  67. in her space.
  68. Somewhere in this listy mush
  69. I was gonna complain about the shitty quality
  70. of our surprise Santa iPhone pics of the kids
  71. But after listing those Sandy Hook kids and educators
  72. I know I cannot complain about much.
  73. Please stay tuned for new job news.
  74. And pray I do not sneeze on the hiring manager
  75. or have boogies hanging in my nose the whole time.
  76. Makeup can’t cover boogies.
  77. Or this panic attack.
  78. But my sweater is cute
  79. my shoes are to die for
  80. as is the scarf tying the whole look together.
  81. I am not wearing a suit
  82. so back off about it.
  83. Employment: here I come.


  1. I like your list and that you memorialized the kids. It’s so scary – I agree, there isn’t really a lot we can do to prepare for this sort of crazy random violence. Makes it even scarier!

    Have fun with Louise, that sounds awesome!

  2. Oh, and I bet you and your cute sweater nailed the interview :)

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