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free fringes is dead,
long live free fringes

Posted on 29 Apr 12 by in settling in | 26 comments


Well, enough waiting for to be brought miraculously back to life. This is it, people. The purple patch. My new blogging home.

Don’t get used to this template. It’s avant garde and fucking hard to read. But I do like that it treats my family photos and my friend Flood’s photo collection like we’re hanging in the Louvre. Each page (not post) even gets its own background image and that is badass. I’ll add more pages as I go along. For now, you get the about me page I last updated in the Cretaceous period and my music collection.

I wanna keep the theme, but I’ll need Q to take a break from bettering our lives so he can figure out how to change the background color. As I type, he’s sleeping after packing all day, then he’ll hit the road in the early in the morning for his move to the Washington, D.C., area. I would have killed a few puppies to have made the trip with him, but we love puppies, so I’ll have to wait until next month for a visit. This new job came almost out of the blue at a friend’s recommendation, and, wow, that company moved fast. One day, it was a possibility. The next day, he had an offer letter. Background check, apartment leasing office check, and the next thing I knew, I was on the phone with the cable installer selecting Q’s channel lineup.

Some of you know our history and, of those who know, most are aware Q and I haven’t lived together in three years. So, yeah, this is a bummer that he’s leaving Texas for the east coast, but it’s not like we had a shock-to-the-system, whatever-am-I-going-to-do-without-you  going away party. That did happen the first time around and let me tell you: lefty loosey, righty tighty has saved my fixin’ stuff bacon many a day. Anyway, this time around, we spent our last weekend together fixing my dad’s computer and each avoiding getting kicked in the neck as baby Ehren slept between us.  No one had time to cry.

So tonight my biggest issue is getting my tagline rotator to work with this theme. The plugin developer is a very nice guy, and life has moved on for him. I’m not sure if he’s available to address my compatibility issues. My second biggest issue will be to choose a featured image for this post. I’ve gotten so used to grabbing what I need from Flood’s Flickr page for my posts over at yeah write, but I’m thinking since this is my personal blog, I should use my own. Did I tell you I broke my DSLR? Talk about a shock-to-the-system, whatever-am-I-going-to-do-without-you  going away party. I think Q cried himself to sleep.

I’ll figure something out.

Getting reacquainted in comments…




  1. Welcome back!

    I love it as is, but I would.

    Some of my best work was done with a point-and-shoot, so you can make magic without a dSLR. Grab some actions from Creative Nerd for PS and play around.

    • I loves me some actions! I’ll head there tomorrow. I’ll play a wait-and-see with this theme. It’s definitely form over function.

  2. So are you still free fringes or purple patch? Or free fringes on purple patch?

    You’re not moving with Q? Why not? Nosy aren’t I?

    • Jordan requires a three-week notice to change her sweatshirt, so changing her school is out of the question…ha. She has two years to go for high school, then we’ll reevaluate.

  3. Being apart from partner is hard…and then again, LIVING with partner is hard, too. So I dunno – that separate residences stuff might not be all bad. But that’s just me. Grass is always greener, I suppose. The grass is VERY lovely over here in the new free fringes world – I would very much like this desk background picture to be mine, thanks, instead of doing what I’m doing which is to write perched at a corner of the dining room (which is actually in the living room because we don’t have a dining room or even an eat-in kitchen, unless you count eating standing up at the counter “eating in.”) … anyway, welcome back. your curating at yeahwrite is mahvelous, dahlink, but I miss also hearing your voice for your stuff, not just in the service of others.

    • For the first year, I would joke with Q that we got along much better living apart, but then it really did get harder as the kids got older. I think kids need that second, deeper voice in the household recognized as the one of discipline. We’ll make it work, though.

      Admittedly, I figured my writing voice would translate just as easily into one that speaks for others, but I was wrong. Each email or comment I get at yeah write when something goes wrong makes me understand I must be writing in the voice of an online retailer’s customer complaint department.

  4. Wow. That is big news. In a way, the quickness of the change is a good thing. As DLQ said, it’s hard to live with or apart from a partner. But I think parenting is MORE difficult on your own. And that’s that. Good luck – and will there be lots of weekend flights?

    Regarding the site’s look: The background is excellent. I’m still getting used to so many aspects of using a laptop v. desktop and mouse v. stroking a rectangular space on a keyboard that it doesn’t make a difference to me. It’s all insanity.

    • We’re mainly hoping this job will be a positive career move. Weekend flights may kill our household budget, but you never know. These things have their own way of working things out.

      Yes, I do love how this background works. I found it while waiting for my developer site to come back online trying to find a framework for your yeah write prize.

  5. Man. I was hoping you had staged that desk scene. I thought the liquor bottle was such a nice touch. I was inspired to go home and create my own. .. So what happened to the old blog? Attacked by aliens or something?

  6. Flood staged the background photo for me. The suitcase even has my Twitter username on it! And, yeah, my blog was taken down by alien hackers :(

  7. love all things maps…and globes. Stick a pin in it and I’m there. I was probably a cartographer in medieval Europe in a previous life. I like your new site. But I won’t get used to it as you suggest. I’m glad to learn you and Q have weathered these absences before. My SO (I know what that means now, thank you) is gone for months at a time, so I know what that’s like, but we don’t have kids. That’s a different scenario altogether. We do what we need to do. I know you’ll make it work. I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how much I admire your writing style. Very fine indeed.

    • Thanks for the visit, Stephanie, and for the writer’s compliment. The theme is growing on me, especially as Q thinks he may be able to tweak the bugs for me as early as Thursday. I although he may have said “September” and I heard what I wanted to hear.

  8. Oh how I love this photo. I remember drooling over it a while back. It’s just so awesome. I love the whole set up. The post is a little hard to read, you’re right. And I wish I could see the whole picture. But those issues are almost negated by the coolness quotient.
    Can’t wait to read more of you here.

  9. I like seeing you here as a blogger and learning more about you as a person! So yay about that. That long distance thing sounds super rough. My husband is gone for at least a few days every few weeks but only since the beginning of the year. Your situation has me rethinking any complaining. The internet makes for some good connections on the lonely nights though (not in a creepy way…)

  10. Kudos to you for trying something different like this. I admit, it’s pretty to look at but I was scared to click the x to scroll down because x means close to me.

    As far as spouses living in separate states, well, that’s a distinct possibility for us this year. And I’m freaked out about it.

  11. It’s so great to see you here! I got all excited when I saw you on the grid.
    I look forward to learning more about you. :)

  12. There is long distance and LONG DISTANCE. Bi-coastal is not a walk in the park. I wish you guys all the best in navigating that. Once again you have demonstrated that you are made from far stronger stuff than I.

    As for the theme you are right about the readability. But it’s GORGEOUS. I’m looking at a full-screen theme like this for a friend who is a photographer. Course it’s easier for him because he just throws up some excellent art work and types, “Contact me if you want to buy.” so readability is not a concern. Man I really hope you can figure out a way to make this theme work for you. Readability=3. Sex factor=10 ;)

  13. I like “purple patch”! And I’m sorry you are puppy-stabby for Q. Hope the month flies by!

  14. Oh, I think living separately has to be hard a lot of the time. Good for you for managing it! And I like the look of this site.

  15. It’s gorgeous! But I have to admit that I’m surprised; what happened to Erica “All Blogs Need More White Space” M?

  16. How to say heaps with only few words – your world sounds crazy busy and I think I might have added to your tasks by appealing to your ‘online retailer’s customer complaint department’ the other day. Sorry!

    I like Purple Patch, it looks great and I’m not sure I envy the challenges that you and Q will face in the coming months. But I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason (even if we can’t see the good at the time) Best of luck with it all

  17. I knew it was aliens. No other plausible explanation. Love love love this floating theme. However, once I fill in the info form with white print it turns white and I can’t see it. If I come back I won’t know if I’m already there. You know my comment form anxiety issues. You got any xanax in the desk drawer?
    Congratulations on Q’s job. I know apart is hard but money is awesome.

  18. Welcome back, Erica. I cannot even imagine what Ellen and I would do without our cameras, but it would be a rough life. You are a plucky chick though—you will figure it out and be wowing us with the results in no time. As for your husband, good luck to both of you as you enter this new world of change. Change can be exciting but also really tough on the heart and head. Wishing you all the best on all your new horizons, Erin and Ellen

  19. First of all, I love the look around here. Is the background image custom created by Flood? I noticed the “E” & “Q” there, and anyway, I just love all the different things she’s thrown into the picture. Very cool.

    Living apart isn’t easy I’m sure, and I admire the way you seem to take it in stride. I’d probably be falling apart and being helpless and dumb. But that doesn’t do any good, does it?

    I’m enjoying the hangout grid, by the way. Great new invention.

  20. just dropping by from Jennifer’s birthday link up.
    don’t mind me if I nose around a bit :)


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