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NaBloPoMo at yeah write at free fringes: Day 1

Posted on 1 Nov 12 by in nablopomo | 7 comments


I didn’t want to miss the first day just in case I find the time to participate, so here is my post for the day.



I’ll do my best not to just throw up photos from my phone the whole month, but I am making no promises.

Thanks for joining yeah write for NaBloPoMo!



  1. Well, if you post little cutie honey pictures like that, it will be allowed :)

  2. What a hunk! I meant Hulk ;-) I’m good with photos of this dude all month. He’s a doll.

  3. Me too, he’s so dang cute! Plus, I might have to rely on that strategy some. My house is like Grand Central Station, since I’m lucky to have a generator, and they say probably at least another 7-10 days w/o power in my town!

  4. Cute pic! And he’s got quite the pumpkin o’ loot there! I now have a mental image of him melting down like, “HULK CONSUME LARGE QUANTITIES OF TASTY HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP! ADORABLE HULK ON SUGAR HIGH SMASH!”

  5. That has to be the most precious face ever. That’s what I enjoyed about Halloween now that my children are older. Watching those cute wee ones coming up to the door.

  6. I’m impressed that you’re even trying with all that you do. Between the normal Yeah Write things that you have and now hosting our NaBloPoMo grid, you are one busy (and awesome) lady. I won’t mind if you post pictures from your phone. :)

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