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NaBloPoMo at yeah write at free fringes: Day 2

Posted on 2 Nov 12 by in movies and film fringes, yeah write | 12 comments


I meant to see the first matinee showing of Denzel Washington’s Flight today on this, its opening weekend, but Jordan, my OCD neighborhood-walking teen, stayed home from school hobbled by what I think could be a stress fracture (Dr Internet, MD says bone cancer), and my toddler spent the day at home recovering from mid-week Halloween activities. Each required my full attention, and I have not left the house but for an Icy-Hot bandage.

Being seated inside a theatre with a full bar in its lobby was crucial to my mental health as my three-year-old is, at this very second, going all hi-ya fewer than three inches from my face with a pair of chopsticks, but at least I got to write three blog posts, 20 related tweets and figure out a way to break down that massive NaBloPoMo grid over at yeah write into smaller communities.

Denzel can wait until Monday.


  1. Excellent idea about at least trying to hit our own row each day. (Row 7 rules!) I’ve been visiting randomly but it’s better to have a plan. (Just like your plan to go to the movies today, right?)

  2. I missed how you broke it down? Did you tweet it? We’re hitting our row each day?

    I really think we should hang out. We’re better than geography.

  3. Dr. Google has caused me much stress over the last few years. I really should stop seeing him. Or at least consider a second opinion or my own common sense as you’ve done.

  4. I’m laughing at “Dr. Internet”. My rheumatologist calls me “Dr. Google.” “But I’m a librarian!” I plead. “I don’t care – you’re cut off!” he says.

  5. I missed the tweet about the grid breakdown too. Will have to hop on over to Twitter and look for it.

    Can’t wait to hear about Denzel.

  6. Wow! You’ve been really productive! Right on! That’s really hard to do when you’ve got a 3 year old anywhere in the vicinity.

    You’ve put so much thought and work into organizing the yeah write NaBloPoMo grid. You’re doing a great job and I really appreciate it!

    I’m jealous that you have access to a movie theater with a full bar in the lobby. If I ever find one of those I’m moving in. Like that one book where two siblings run away from home and stealthily avoid security so they can live in a museum. Only with booze.

  7. The theater seriously has a full bar? If you’re not joking, I will say that that is something I’ve never seen before. Hope you get some time for yourself so that you can go see Denzel.

  8. Okay, my 80 year old mother has a crush on Denzel (who doesn’t) but a plane crash? Why couldn’t have been a ship tipping into a sand bar, a glider into the side of a mountain . . . anything but a plane. I have way to active imagination and way to much a fear of flying. But the bar in the theater might help. Hope you get there soon.

  9. Thanks for running all the stuff over at Yeah Write! I’m loving the whole thing. One day I’ll do a proper Yeah Write challenge. Maybe. For now, NaBloPoMo is like crack to me.

    • Yay for crack!

  10. I saw Flight yesterday. Alone. Got to work late, stayed a couple hours and then said screw this. Tended to myself for once WITH POPCORN. It felt good.


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