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NaBloPoMo at yeah write at free fringes: Day 3

Posted on 3 Nov 12 by in movies and film fringes, music fringes, nablopomo, yeah write | 6 comments


Guys, I’ve finally gotten smart. You get a post from the archives of my hacked and now-defunct blog at the original free fringes. I thought I’d skipped NaBloPoMo 2011. Turns out I did not. So for NaBloPoMo 2012, you get those posts. If you need more current musings, please select most any post over at yeah write.

From November 3, 2011

funny how fallin’ feels like flyin’ for a little while


That’s a line from Fallin’ and Flyin’, a song from the soundtrack for the motion picture Crazy Heart.

I’m addicted to both Netflix streaming and watching HBO on demand through the HBOGO app on my iPad. Without a functional, profitable oil well in my backyard, I need to get rid of either Netflix or HBO. They are redundant services, but with different stuff! Cyrus and Crazy Heart, my two most recent HBOGO viewings, aren’t available through Netflix streaming, and HBOGO doesn’t have hundreds upon hundreds of old children’s programming (Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, people) to entertain Ehren on the iPad while I’m trying to watch an afternoon of football.

My emotions and my laziness say what the hell: it’s only an extra $15.98 a month. My stressed out financial brain says that $15.98 in the bank will one day prevent an overdraft fee caused by, let’s say, paying the HBO bill. It’s a pickle.

Did you know Jeff Bridges could sing? Me neither. Being the Dude for the past 20 years hasn’t called for much vocal work, I suppose, so it was a secret well-kept from me and many other Big Lebowskies. And Colin Ferrell sings a duet with Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. Colin Ferrell! He should keep his day job, though, according to my digitized listening of the Crazy Heart soundtrack. Does Ryan Gosling sing? He wasn’t in the film or anything. It was just time to bring him up in this post. Past time.

I need everyone to agree with me that Robert Duvall, who had a minor role and producer’s credit in Crazy Heart, had his best role in The Apostle and has been playing “Robert Duvall was cast in this movie” guy ever since. Alright, alright, I just wikied him. I haven’t seen Tender Mercies, the film for which he won his first and only Oscar, and I guess I’d forgotten, if I ever knew, he was the “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” fellow from Apocalypse Now. All I’m trying to say is: his role in Crazy Heart had no impact on the movie, and why couldn’t the part have gone to Ryan Gosling? Ryan Gosling knows how to tend bar. Ryan Gosling knows how to be an old friend. Ryan Gosling knows how to animatedly mumble to himself. Having been a meth head in Half Nelson, Ryan Gosling knows the way to rehab when someone needs a ride.

Guess I’ll be Netlix streaming or HBOGOing me some Ryan Gosling later tonight.

Day three in comments…


  1. Hey girl, I’m loving how you brought Ryan Gosling into this post. ;)

  2. Ryan Gosling does sing! Or at least he used to. Factoid from my years as an NSYNC fan taught me that RG was on the Mickey Mouse Club with Justin, JC, Britney, and Christina. I’m hoping that as an adult he developed a better voice though than what his pre-pubescent self had.

    Go to YouTube and search “mmc cry for you.” That’s the only one that I can remember him participating in. :)

  3. Hey Girl, I love Netflix. AND ARCHIVES BECAUSE BRILLIANT. I may have to dig into my archives, too.

  4. I loved “Crazy Heart” except I felt a little distracted by the single mom journalist somehow living in a million dollar property overlooking Santa Fe, but other than that. . .

    • Maggie Gyllenhaal was horribly miscast. Was Catherine Keener on vacation that week? I mean, why not Paris Hilton?

  5. Netflix came to Canada recently but the selection is really poor, so I haven’t signed up. The States always gets the good stuff first – boo. I don’t get the Ryan Gosling thing at all, but I haven’t seen him in any movies. He must undergo an amazing transformation when he’s in motion.


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