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NaBloPoMo at yeah write at free fringes: Day 4

Posted on 4 Nov 12 by in nablopomo, yeah write | 11 comments


Well, if you’ve been keeping up since Day 1, I have an update for you: Jordan’s foot is not broken. It’s sprained. After two hours at the ER because she couldn’t put any weight on her right foot this morning, she feels much better with her new walking boot and a bottle of Alleve. I wish there were such a place as a fake emergency room that charged, say, 60 bucks as opposed to $1200 for children who always bounce back twenty seconds after seeing a medical professional.

Guess what? On my hacked blog,¬†I found archives from NaBloPoMo going back even further than I thought. This is going to be relatively painless, especially since I figured out I only need to write a new NaBlo post over at yeah write when I have important news to share. When I don’t have anything new to say, whatever post is up there—I can let that ride. Writing three or four posts a day was gonna kill me.

From November 4, 2009

tales of toiling in partial obscurity writing the Earl Campbell Facebook fan page

Eighteen months ago, I went searching for a Facebook fan page for Earl Campbell, famed running back for Bum Phillips’ next year we’re gonna kick the sumbitch in luv ya blue era Houston Oilers.

Brand new to fb, when I couldn’t find one, I thought I was doing it wrong. How could Keith Sweat have a page, but not Earl Campbell? With a little cubicle-time to kill, once I figured out what needed to be done, I violated all kinds of terms and conditions by starting the page myself. Downloaded a photo of Earl in his Oilers uniform (who dey is right) and sent Q an invite. For weeks, Mr. Campbell had all of two fans until some guy #3 joined, exciting me to no end.

I think the page is up to nearly 7,000 fans now. Pretty good for an athlete who retired right after most facebookers were born and who doesn’t star in an Internet sex tape. Earl’s son is now an admin, bringing legitimacy to the page—I’m no longer running from the EULA police—but I am the main one writing the statuses and keeping the fans updated on Earl’s whereabouts. I enjoy it most of the time, especially when the son surprises me with a thank you note or phone call. Turns out his dad loves the page and why wouldn’t he? I would love it, too, if I could read all day stuff like YOU ARE THE BEST OF ALL TIMES MR CAMPBELL CAN YOU SEND ME A SIGNED GAMEBALL???

People do get confused, and there is an intermittent yet heated debate over whether this is “really” Earl Campbell, even though I’ve written all over the page that it’s written by three admins. I’ve even set the disclaimer as the default landing page for when anyone but an admin visits the site. Each and every time you check the page, there it is: written by admins, read by Earl.

Yet, this week:

Does Earl approve all the things written on this page? I seriously doubt Earl would ask for volunteers to have this facebook page tatoo’d to their arm live on Miami Ink. Who writes this page?

See, well, I was joking a few months back when the page hit 2,500 and I registered as the page URL that someone should volunteer to get the URL tattooed on his arm during a Miami Ink taping. And, yup, three seconds later, someone volunteered. I had to send the poor guy a message that it was a joke. A joke, I tell you. How could it have been anything else? But I get it: people want to believe.

Fast forward to today: I replied to the above demand with a copy of the disclaimer that the woman would have skipped over in order to get to the comment page to write it. I told her: it’s all in good fun. Her reply to my reply:

Point taken. Thank you for responding. I have nothing but admiration for Earl too, but I put God first in my life and still I am not going to have God’s facebook page tatoo’s on my arm. lol Thanks for all the hard work keeping us morons informed on our legend.

Annnnd, you are welcome.


  1. I remember as a little girl going to see the Oilers play the Cowboys in their annual preseason meetup and even from my not-great seat being amazed at the circumference of Earl’s thighs as he ran, dragging defenders along with him. All the other football players looked the same to me but Earl? Force of Nature.

  2. That woman’s comment about not having God’s Facebook page tattooed on -her arm totally makes me wonder about God’s Facebook page(s). Because God probably has like thousands of fan pages, right? Can you imagine the e-battles over who has the ‘right’ to be admins on those? I wonder if anyone’s had the balls to call their God fan page the “Official God Fan Page” because then I feel like they’d be the type to *totally* have a tattoo of that url all over themselves.

  3. That is really cool that his son joined in on the site. I agree that it completely adds an air of legitimacy to the page.

    I don’t know this player, so I’m tempted to google him….but then I remember Louise’s post & try to tell myself to google less!

  4. Every time you mention your hacked blog I get chills. How does that happen and does that mean it’s gone for good?

  5. What’s your hacked blog story? It seems to be legend, but I don’t know it. Tweet me a link to the story if such a link exists.

  6. I totally remember reading this post when you first posted it. Glad you’re dusting a few things off and sharing them again. My love for you is eternal. ;)

  7. What would God’s Timeline photo be?

  8. And further more, if you “like” god’s fb page, what kind of updates do you get? Do you get a free pass into, like, the premium ultra platinum facebook zone? I think you should give up on the football page and start god’s page. seriously.

  9. Earl Campbell — he was the single reason I had a slight crush on the Texas Longhorns sometime in my childhood. These were the days before mass communicating. My main source of scoop was SI, The Sporting News and the occasional game I might catch on one of the three networks. He won the Heisman Trophy too, right? I need to go find his page and give him a “Hookem Horns”.

  10. He was so awesome! I miss those days – when players always stayed with the same team so that I could actually remember where everyone was!

  11. Suddenly, my head is swimming with ideas for fb pages to start. I was friends with Billy Joe Dupree’s son, Sean. He broke my bed in an innocent scuffle he had with my psychotic cat. I am pretty sure he doesn’t want to hear from me ever again. Great post. I will go fan him even though I only have vague memories.


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