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philosophically light

Posted on 11 Mar 12 by in settling in | 3 comments


Since 2006, I’ve probably had four big blog crashes, half of them my fault, the other half lost to technology snafus.

I try to be philosophical about them, as in nothing ever being permanent, and those words being lost to a dimension in search of the family-centered rambles of an unemployed writer. Something like that. Anyway, free fringes, in the midst of one of those blog crashes, has been redirected to purple patch, and I’m making myself at home here.

About that unemployed writer thing: these days, I no longer consider myself to be unemployed. I’m more like on hiatus from the workforce. On some sort of unpaid vacation from projects I never really enjoyed in the first place. ┬áMy current plans involve finding paid projects that I actually want to work on and winning the lottery. I fully understand my plans are neither unique nor all that probable. But they are possible and that’s all I need.


  1. Oh man, that sucks. I mean, it’s good that your attitude is trending positively. That’s totally good. But I would be in grief for a little while, I think, so, I feel sympathy for your loss.

    • Wow, we’ve come full circle. Yours was one of my very first comments on my first blog, and here you are as one of my first comments on this one. I don’t think I’m using the phrase “full circle” correctly.

  2. So because of the two different Twitter accounts, I finally figured out you have multiple blog disorder and clicked on over to see how the other personality rolls. And to my horror, I am faced with the report of ominous blog crashes. I am too fresh off of our tech woe post. Apparently we don’t know what horror is. I need a cookie. Laced with Valium. Ellen

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