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this title is not a song lyric

Posted on 14 Dec 12 by in family fringes, music fringes | 3 comments

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But if it were, I’d be okay with it, even though people using song lyrics as their blog titles is one of my husband Q’s pet peeves. I actually don’t know why that bothers him. You know, you got your earbuds in, got your tunes going. A song comes on inspiring some blog writing, why not name the post in the song’s honor?


So I’m listening to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. I’ve been trying to write a blog post in this space all day long. Nothing would come. I stayed on Twitter too long, I had more than a few administrative tasks over at yeah write. I got weepy over some shit out of my control. You know—the usual. But I have a promise to keep. I promised I was gonna write not only more regularly in this space, but regularly in this space. I was dangerously close to missing two consecutive days which would have turned into three weeks. After a particularly uninspiring day, I stuck in my earbuds, got some tunes going. Now it’s Like This by Girl Talk. Um, no. No, it’s not.

Some songs are impediments to the writing soul, and Like This by Girl Talk is one of them. Falling back on the music soundtrack from the motion picture Crazy Heart.

You know any of those songs? Do you now have an ear worm? Try driving for five hours with The Muppets’ Mah Na Mah Na on repeat.

When I first started blogging in 2006, I wouldn’t bother hyperlinking anything I may have referenced in my blog posts. My opinion then, as it is now, was if you are that interested, there’s a little thing called Google you should get to know. But somewhere in my mid-blog career, I acknowledged the hyperlink was a necessary service to my readers. How could I leave it up to them to Google the correct Sam Cooke? I’d be talking about the soul singer and one of my dumber readers would assume I meant any other of the Google search results of the same name. Like some seventh grade track phenom Samantha Cook. I couldn’t abide. I’d link to Wikipedia, iTunes, Amazon, any of it. It was important to be precise.

These days, however, my hyperlink apathy is back. Especially since I am no longer getting inadvertently paid by an employer to maintain my personal blog. You wanna assume 13-year-old track phenom Sam Cook started her singing career in the 1950s by joining a gospel group called the Soul Stirrers and was shot to death under dubious circumstances, very likely involving two jealous lovers, what can I say? I will not stop you.

On Tuesday, I have a final interview for a community relations position I’d really like to get. This weekend, Q will be in town fixing stuff, taking me to dinner and getting elbowed in the ribs and face by three children. (It’s a wonder he doesn’t visit more often)

Saying all that to say: stay tuned for some good news. Hopefully by Thursday.

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  1. Good luck with the interview! Happy to see a post from you, 3 weeks would be too long.

  2. I’m happy you decided not miss two consecutive days which would have been three weeks…that line made me huh?! and then snort a little. You are cracking me up here!! I’m happy I stopped by your energy and humor gives me the giggles…well your humor…sly and round about as it is hehehe not your energy. That doesn’t give me the giggles but it’s nice to see and read about this part of you. Ill have my fingers crossed for you on Thursday!!! Have a wonderful time with Q. xoxoxxo

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