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the midnight of Leo Sayer

Posted on 26 Sep 12 by in free fringes, music fringes, yeah write | 20 comments


I’m a slow starter. You hear that, potential employers Googling me looking for an excuse not to hire me? I am a slow starter.

But once I get moving on a project, I’m jets blazing out the back of my butt, I’m moving so fast.

Potential employers will never know that about me since they stopped reading at the end of sentence two. So it’s just you and me talking here.

My friend Flood sent me an email months and months ago suggesting I try the couch-to-5k program to get me off the couch (okay, okay, out of the bed) and into a regular exercise habit. When she first sent the email, I had a three-year-old who never left my side and his stroller had a broken pivot wheel and maybe I’d wait until summer when the older kids are home to watch the baby. I may or may not have been shopping online for new pillows.

The older kids were soon enough out of school and home to watch the baby, but I wanted to start the program alone. No kid company on my walks! So it was better to wait until the summer was over and the older kids were back in school and the three-year-old started preschool.

  1. Before I could find my running pants and my running shoes, the baby’s new preschool infected him with the Bubonic plague and here I was again at home with a baby on my hip
  2. Once the plague passed through and I was once again at home by myself, I had to mentally prepare my body for running by reading the Daily Internet
  3. Loads and loads of laundry unearthed my running gear
  4. Shut up. I only have one pair of running pants that fit. I outgrew my shorts and cute skirts 50 lbs ago
  5. Then I just didn’t feel like it anymore. My grandmothers never exercised a day in their lives and they were wonderful people. Waking up at the crack of dawn to clean house, make meals in actual ovens, care for large families and run other people’s errands doesn’t count
  6. After finding half a cookie in my fat folds three days after we’d run out of cookies, I changed my mind again
  7. And decided to give up my daily cocktails
  8. So now I’m detoxing from the cocktails, it’s been two days

While reading my Internet, I searched for the best way to break a daily habit. One of the suggestions was a B-12 vitamin for some reason I’ve now forgotten, so, in my butt-blazing phase of alcohol detox, I gobbled a children’s multi-vitamin at 11 p.m.

And that’s where Leo Sayer comes in. Playing in my iPod’s shuffle as I realized I was probably awake for the rest of the night. Taking me back to hitching a ride with my work-at-home dad to Garden Villas Elementary School. Reminding me with a giggle my husband was born two years after my sixth grade graduation.

So it was no great shocker the answer was “who’s Leo Sayer?” when I asked the love of my life on a road trip if he liked to sing Leo Sayer at the top of his lungs like I do. Or maybe I was asking him permission to sing Leo Sayer at the top of my lungs because the opening chords of “When I Need You” compel me to do that, people in the room be damned.

Taking Leo with me, jets blazing out my butt, when I finally run out of excuses and into the streets. Breaking your daily bad habits in comments…


  1. He’s like my Kenny Rogers. Except he’s wearing a kick ass sweater!

    • Can you believe I’ve been miscalculating all these years were I was the day you were born? I wasn’t at sixth grade graduation. I was in my final week of 8th grade, headed to high school. Wow.

  2. It’s so fun to see you at the speakeasy Erica! I LOVED this post, so funny! Jets blazing out the back of my butt? That’s going to be so motivating for my 8yo. But it’s true, you seemed to have mastered G+ in less than a day and I’m still figuring it out ;)

    I was in 7th grade when that Leo Sayer song came out – awesome slow dance hit. I do have to question if it’s the best running music though maybe people with butt jets don’t need fast paced music to run…

    Love the new blog look too!

    • I have two words for Leo coming on in the middle of a run: sloooooow runner. Plus, why not use that time to break into some tai chi?

  3. I loved, loved, loved reading this, Erica. It was so fun to get inside your head a little.

    You need to hang out at the Speakeasy more often.

    P.S. Thanks for the truly wonderful morning ear worm. I haven’t thought of that song in ages.

    • Thanks, Kathleen! Here’s an even better ear worm which, now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep, I realize would be the better Leo Sayer running song: You make me feel like dancing (gonna dance the night away), you make me feel like dancing (gonna dance the night away)

      doo doo doo doo doo doo doo woohoohoo!

      • Thanks! I think this one may help me get through the afternoon too.

  4. Your list reads like my mind for the last month. I’ve been stuck on week 4 of the Couch-to-5K for four weeks now. I have every intention of getting on the damn treadmill, but something always comes up. But, once again, I am charging my Kindle and I laid out the running clothes with hopes of running while the twins nap this afternoon. Actually, I didn’t lay out the running clothes, I shook the dust off them from when I laid them out two weeks ago. Maybe today… Can’t be Monday or Saturday because those are the days I teach tap lessons and I need to spread my exercise out — so not fair to my body (snort!) to do it all in one day, right? And tomorrow I’m subbing in a ballet class and will need to have solid legs under me, so maybe today is not the day to run… see, I’m talking myself out of it right now…

    I love the new look on this here blog. And appreciate everything you do in that Yeah Write place.

    And, even though I was born in 1973, I was born into the wrong decade as evidenced by the disco and funk that are my running (another snort!) playlist. Mam likes a bouncy bass and a booty-shakin’ groove…

    • ’70s music with the horns and bass/drum lines was so funky. I loved it. It’s timeless.

      No more excuses for either of us!

  5. Holy crap!!! My world just slid on its axis. I always thought that song was sung by a woman!! It’s a dude! Wow. Everything looks different now.

    Good job getting off the couch. I used to walk 3-4 miles a day before the baby was born. Now between work and trying to get everything done, I’m lucky to get 3-4 steps in. All I know was that my self-esteem was much higher when I exercised.

    • I am definitely looking for this runner’s high I keep hearing about. If Sarah Palin can run a marathon after 5 kids and after 40, I can run around the block a few times.

      Leo Sayer is the man.

  6. One of the proudest moments of my life was when you agreed to think about about running. Don’t underestimate the the fun of being smug about it, when you start!

    • I can’t wait for smugness! This will be better than vegan smug!

      • Vegan smug?! Hahahahaha! I’ve never heard that, but I love it! Can’t wait to try it out on my vegan friends. Nevermind that they always bring the most tasty dishes to potlucks. Vegan fudge is da bomb!

  7. So fun to see you here Erica! I laughed about a dozen times reading this piece. You capture procrastination and our mental gymnastics to convince ourselves not to do what we don’t want to do perfectly. So, to answer your Q, my daily bad habit is interfacing too long with this effing computer. And you’re not helping! ; )

    • Can you believe two days after this post, I’m still mentally processing my run? BUT! Still no alcohol, so I’m proud of that small victory.

  8. Ooooooh I love that you submitted a post!

    I remember reading your twitter status after you popped the multivitamin and I didn’t have the time to say anything.

    It was nice to get this larger glimpse into your life! You’re humble considering you are the God of Yeah Write, and I see that you’re just like the rest of after all. ;-)
    The butt blazing jets will stick with me for quite awhile, so thanks for that. Haha.

    • Thanks for every single line of your comment. Humility is my best quality. Ha.

  9. I just love this post to little tiny pieces. I am laughing out loud because every morning when my alarm rings to get me out of bed to run, I have a standard list that runs through my head of every single thing that I have to do, or make, or see, or fix before I can possibly get myself into running clothes and out the door. It is so much fun to read your writing, I am so glad you posted something, and thank you lots for everything you do to keep Yeah Write so amazing.

  10. I’ve fallen off the face of the internet lately, thanks to vicious migraine troubles, but I just reemerged & thankfully stumbled upon this. Leo Sayer…ha! Haven’t thought about that song in ages. Used to roller skate to it in my Luv It jeans. Wish I still had my tennis shoe roller skates. I miss the 70s.
    P.S. Loved reading a post from you, lady!


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