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super fly and why my kitchen is now spotless

Posted on 29 May 12 by in family fringes | 27 comments


Our 3-year-old Lab mix pound puppy Samantha has needed a friend for a while now. I’ve known that, I’ve always known that, but I let the universe and the Interwebs talk me out of it with the whole “that’s like having a baby to keep your other baby company” argument and what’s so wrong with that, I say? My teenager Jordan is the best babysitter ever for her two younger brothers when she’s not grumbling about it, so that particular dynamic worked for her me, so why not the dog?

So I answered a Twitter plea from another fabulous Houston blogger and picked up Fly this past Sunday, and she’s a perfect fit for our little family and, more importantly, for Samantha. Fly is still a puppy, so we get the requisite crying when something isn’t quite right (empty food bowls are a goddamned no-no), but she’s a sweetheart in every way. She gives hugs to Samantha and tries to sleep with Baby Ehren and me (um, I normally wouldn’t mind, I guess, but, gaw, stop squirming, okay, no, get out). We loved her after about 10-and-a-half seconds.

If you’ve been paying unwavering attention to me on my freefringes Twitter account, you know that my sweet girl Jordan has a boyfriend. He took her to their school’s military ball and he’s an all-around nice guy. My plan for getting Jordan out of my house by the age of 25 was to marry her off to some all-around nice guy, and that could still happen, but, for now, I acknowledge that anyone she dates is gonna be as special needs as she is, so if I get her out the house, she’d just be going to another mama’s house, so I may as well keep her with me.

She and her man (I should give him a name, and since he hasn’t signed any release forms, let’s call him Chris because I’m the most original pseudonym-thinker-of-er ever) were let out of school early today and, thinking I was picking up only Jordan, ended up bringing home Jordan and Chris and spending fourteen bucks on their lunch at Whataburger, so they were both totally indebted to me, right? I asked Chris to help Jordan clean the kitchen since that’s her main chore and she’s positively awful at it, and man, autistic or not, that boy can clean. No excuses, no leaving food on dishes, no leaving crumbs on the counter or grease on the stove. If I weren’t so completely paranoid of his impregnating my daughter, he could move in with us. He’s awesome and sweet.

Alrighty, Jon Alex is home from school and asking for food for some reason. Lemme go whip something up at McDonald’s.

Puppy love in comments…

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  1. Wow, you’ve got a drama house. Not only are you dealing with whining about empty bowls, you’re hoping to keep control of two teenagers with burgers. Good luck with that, Lady!

    • I’ve learned the hard way to control the drama in my house by controlling who enters it. Fly and the boy have been fully vetted. Ha.

  2. Your puppy is so cute!! It always makes me happy to seem loving animals get rescued by loving people :)

    • I’m finally rid of the guilt I had about my Lab being lonely. She’s such a horse, the kids don’t wanna roll around with her, so a puppy playmate is perfect.

  3. Fly is adorable! now I want a puppy even more than I did before. also a boyfriend who cleans the kitchen? he’s a keeper!

    • Get a puppy! Be prepared for some crying and some poop accidents, but get you some lovin’ at the same time!

  4. I’m always excited to have a reason to come to your blog. It is without any doubt the coolest one I’ve seen.

    I have a golden retriever, and if there was just a little bit more money coming into my house I’d love to get him his very own puppy. For now, he’ll just have to make do with his cat.

    Maybe someday, one of my boys will find a nice girl who will clean the kitchen? Until then, when the youngest decides to do it right sometimes even the cupboards get organized. I try not to get too upset when I can’t find anything.

    • The money was an issue, I admit, but Fly is an older puppy at seven months, so she’s eating the same food as Samantha. I’ll wait for the mobile vet for their $10 rabies shots and pray for the best for any other medical issues.

      Thanks so much for your compliments on my space; it really is kinda cool the more I get used to it. :)

  5. Congrats on the new addition! Keep an eye on those teenagers. I dread the day I have to worry about boys coming over and impregnating my daughter…in addition to cleaning out my pantry.

    • I’m waiting for their brains to click three times and figure out they have working sex organs. Until then, I’ll send them outside a lot and always keep the toddler between them.

  6. We just got a new puppy too. She was born with water on the brain so she’s deaf…and kinda blind…and not the brightest. But she’s super cute and pretty mellow so we love her. Most of the time. Sometimes she annoys the crap out me because it was like adding another baby to a whole household of babies…but I just keep on thinking that she ages 7 times faster, so in a year all should be fine. Right?

    • How do you know about the water on the brain? You are a saint. I hope things get better in a year. You have a special needs puppy and that is the best thing I’ve heard all day. Smiffles.

      • She was a puppy from my dad’s litter. She did some quirky things when she was born (turning in circles, her head shakes, etc) so they took her to the vet and she said it was hydrocephalous and its a common malady in shitzu’s. So knowing she probably wouldn’t be adopted we took her. She’s cute and chill enough to get along with three toddlers but she is deaf lol, and partially blind, and randomly barks at shadows and sunlight, bugs, and my husbands hockey gear.

  7. Very sweet puppy and very sweet puppy love! Why do they like to squirm in bed? The kitten is like that, too…I just want to sleep, you know? But I also have this overwhelming urge to have the kitten sleeping beside me…*sigh* It’s a constant catch 22.

    • Don’t make me feel guilty for having her sleep outside with Samantha! They lie right next to each other which happens to be right next to the unused 2 million dollar doghouse. If I bring one inside, here comes the other and Samantha weighs more than two chubby people.

  8. AWW NEW PUPPY!! Love it. And awwwwwww, how cute that your daughter has a boyfriend. Adorbs. (No but seriously, be vigilant. He totally wants to impregnate her).

    • Soooo much easier if she were a lesbian. There may still be hope.

  9. I bought/rescued my second dog because I felt that my first dog was becoming too spoiled and entitled. I don’t think he has ever forgiven me for bringing another dog into our home. He looks at me and I know. He will not be the miracle dog who dials 911 when I choke alone at home.

    Your new puppers looks adorable.

  10. Yay for the new baby! May you be slobbered over daily. It’s called love.

    And yay for nice boys called ‘Chris’ who cleans kitchens.

  11. Congrats on the new baby!

    It always warms my heart hearing people adopting rather than buying. You’re giving them a hope and a home ;)

  12. We debated forever about getting another dog…and we’re SO GLAD we did! My pups are best friends and I never have to worry about them being alone. Puppy love x 2 is the way to go =)

  13. Adopting a dog at the shelter is on my agenda when my 10 yr old niece visits this summer. We both love animals and her parents won’t let her have one. We both miss our Lab who’s been gone a year now. If only I could convince my niece how much fun it is to clean a kitchen…. the summer would be even more awesome. I enjoyed your story – a glimpse inside your cozy domain.

  14. The puppy sounds easier than the teenagers. You are a good woman with a warm heart, Erica. And a clean kitchen. A clean kitchen is on my bucket list. Ellen

  15. That is a sweet looking puppy and I agree that the dogs do better with a friend. Good for Jordan! Don’t worry too much mama. Those boys that clean are a treasure. One of my daughters let one get away and her chores haven’t been done properly since.

  16. I soooo want another puppy after losing Lollee. But I figure we’d better wait until after hurricane season. After all, it’s easier to evacuate with ONE than two. Right? Especially if we have to come to YOUR house. :)

  17. Aww… One of my fur-baby Labs passed away last year a couple of weeks after the twins were born. I haven’t the patience to get a new puppy yet (what with the two 13.5 month old naked pink puppies toddling around), but know that day will come when our other Lab passes. But I dream of puppy-soft fur… Too many babies right now — that’s what I have to keep telling myself.

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