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trifextra weekend challenge: 33 words

Posted on 12 Jan 13 by in writing fringes | 17 comments


Joining this weekend the cool girls over at Trifecta Writing Challenge because I love Lisa Harvey, one of the Trifecta editors who’s participated in yeah write. This intro was longer than the actual 33-word story.

33 words about a new beginning:

Dishes and kids’ toys haphazard in the grass, sheriff’s deputies reviewed with her each step of this “routine” eviction. Though unsure if Metropolitan Families Shelter had space, they all urged her to call.

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  1. Ah, the system. So helpful. You shoved about a year of chaos into 33 words and left enough room for empathy. Right on. Write on.

    • Thanks, Flood. I am loving the reactions to your story at the speakeasy. Well done.

  2. That’s a sad and uncertain beginning. I’d think depending on the system would be as scary as being on the streets.

    • I’ve never been on the streets or in the system. It would be too bad if they were equally terrible options.

  3. Ah,the word”routine”!When will we humans learn to look beyond the rules?This evokes powerful emotions in all of us who are more blessed-great job:-)

    • Thanks, Atreyee. And thanks for your kind words about yeah write over in comments at the speakeasy!

  4. Yeah!!! I’m so glad you linked up. Thanks for joining us. And wow–these words. I worked as a social worker in New Orleans. Something about this sounds familiar.

    Hope you come back and join us again soon.

    • It only took me a year, right? I’ll be back for your longer challenge. This 33-word one kicked my booty.

  5. Tragic that it is all so ‘routine’ for them. What are treacherous new beginning.

    • New beginnings are always treacherous for me, which is why I love them so much.

  6. Ugh, eviction >__< Not a new beginning I'd look forward to.

    • We don’t always have a say, unfortunately.

  7. Wow Erica. Such a rich 33 words. It makes me sad though (as intended, I’m sure). I love that your intro was longer than your post ;)

    • My first Trifecta story attempt was at 30 words before I’d taken a breath. 33 words is hard.

  8. Dishes and kids’ toys haphazard in the grass.. such a vivid image. As much as the beginning for the evicted family I wonder how the “routine” eviction officers steel themselves against this regular occurrence. Sad and provocative piece.

    • I passed by a similar scene once long ago and the person in the car with me said so casually, “They’re getting evicted.” I had no idea. That’s stuck with me all this time.

  9. Wow! From the haphazard toys in the yard, the story went not where I thought it would. That “routine” is saddening. Awful new beginning, great (full) story in 33.

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