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taking a vacation from my problems

Posted on 20 Jan 13 by in family fringes | 7 comments


There’s a dirty plate in my bed, and I think the kids have already cleaned and closed the kitchen for the night. The kids have been in my room several times today for various reasons, yet I never thought to ask them to remove the plate and take it with them on their way to other misadventures. So I’m looking at it. Pizza grease grossing me out, a torn piece of losing lotto ticket hanging onto the edge of its blue rim. I should get off my ass and take it to the kitchen sink, but I’m busy writing a blog post. One of the kids will accidentally pass by my bedroom door soon enough and become my mule.

Four of us live in a three-bedroom house on a very loud suburban street. My neighbors, it seems, all have at least five cars in their driveways, one for each person living in the house including toddlers and infants who will not drive any of the idle 1985 Toyota Camrys or 1992 Chevy Tahoes for at least another 12 years. Even my mailman, the most friendly postal worker I’ve ever met, drives a vehicle with a motor designed to scare straight the most hardened criminal. My street loves its ambient combustion engines. Payback, I suppose, for my two barking dogs who are in a constant Alpha-female she-battle in the backyard over food, water and toddler toys nicked from plastic bins, but if my neighbors would stop milling about, living life, my dogs would have no reason to run the fence or rush the front door and intimidate the shit out of anybody passing by.

We’re down a man until Wednesday. My youngest is playing hooky from preschool for a few days as he escapes to his paternal grandparents’ house for some individual lovin’. It’s a blended family situation here and, although my husband’s parents are enveloping my older childrenĀ (who are not biologically related to them) at an acceptable pace, it’s a different process than it was for the toddler who was theirs from birth. There will likely never be the day my older ones are invited for the weekend without the entire rest of the family for some random-kids-our-son-inherited lovin’, and that’s, well, I’m okay with that. We are all loved one jagged piece at a time.

Behind on my television and motion picture queues, I shall take a vacation from my problems and catch up while I figure out my next steps. Music will help, powering through good films will help, unconditional love will help. Money would help if it wanted to, but money is an asshole and we’re not speaking to each other right now.

Vacation from your problems in comments…


  1. Ehren’s escape from preschool proves he knows when to take a vacation from his problems.

    For you, it’s a matter of deciding how to frame each piece of life to determine if it’s work or a problem. Kids and dishes are sometimes both, so it can be difficult to know what to do. Baby steps, Bob!

    • I’mma couch potato (bed carrot?) the hell out of next week while waiting for an epiphany.

  2. The one-jagged-piece line is great, and I’m so glad you can write in bed.

    • I can do most anything from here. It’s a command center with pillows.

  3. Just got back from mine. It was well worth the lack of expense.

    • And wasn’t the view beautiful?

  4. I’m loving the whole command center with pillows concept. Once the stupid alarm goes off at 6:30, I only seem to make it back upstairs to do laundry. I hope you have a nice “vacation!”

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