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letter from a friend: vaginas R awesome

Posted on 16 Mar 12 by in free fringes | 9 comments



I thought this would look good on your car or maybe on Ehren’s Big Wheel.

Keep it Real,

one of Q’s crazy friends


  1. … or your forehead on International Women’s Day.

  2. I would like one of those for my car here in Arabia, where vaginas ARE awesome, which is why their awesomeness needs to be swathed in layers and layers of cloth. The men don’t want that awesomeness to be let loose on the world. Or something. Too fabulous. Might also be a great guerilla (girlilla) sneak attack to slap on any car of a serious republican… like if you see a car with a Santorum sticker, you could just smack this alongside it. heh heh heh

    • I LOVE THIS IDEA. I need to order a crate of these for all the backwoods kooks in my town with their obnoxious NObama stickers. Why is it that none of the normal kind decent loving people I know display hateful political bumper stickers but so many of the bigots and “conservatives” do? Sick.

      Erica – where can I get some of these stickers?!

  3. Oh Deborah, I have nothing quite as witty to add.

    Where does the penis rank? Is it not awesome too? Who are we kidding? Vaginas R awesome!

  4. This site is beautiful! Also, Vaginas “R” Awesome… that’s absolutely hysterical.

  5. The “R” is what makes it totally rad.

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